Elisabeth Kratochvil sues Alexander Lerchl

Elisabeth Kratochvil sues Professor Alexander Lerchl and the Laborjournal for defamation.

Alexander Lerchl, professor for biology at the private Jacobs University Bremen, is known to many for his ill conceived campaigns aimed at discrediting scientific facts that are against the interests of the mobile communication industry. His public defamation of the REFLEX results stress ethical values in science more like a disguise of his activities in favour of the industry. In his article “What to do in case of fraud?” published in the Laborjournal, Lerchl follows this line demanding the establishment of a German Office of Research Integrity (http://www.laborjournal.de/j20/j_07.lasso). This demand is specifically targeting the REFLEX Study, which he describes as an especially unpleasant example of the moral decline of science. In the Laborjournal, which for many years uncritically supports him in his fight for the interests of the mobile communication industry, he complains that Uli Hoeness, a former soccer club manager, is in prison for of tax evasion while Elisabeth Kratochvil, a laboratory assistant from Vienna he accuses for inventing data for ten papers, among those belonging to the REFLEX Study, is still free.

Elisabeth Kratochvil, ne Elisabeth Diem, due to Lerchl’ accusations not only had to give up her job, but also suffered from health problems due to mental stress caused by the public defamation as a fraudster. After this new attack in the Laborjournal, however, she decided to act. Recently, she has filed a suit against Alexander Lerchl and the Laborjournal for defamation at the Hamburg District Court. In the meantime the defendants have mobilized high-ranking scientists at German and Austrian universities, including the rector of the Medical University of Vienna, to testify in court on December 19, 2014. Quite certain, they will join Lerchl’s opinion that the REFLEX results must have been faked and, therefore, must be deleted from the scientific literature.

Based on the information we have gathered so far, we are convinced that Elisabeth Kratochvil is the victim of intrigue. Three years after REFLEX ended and just when the EU Commission was discussing a follow-up project to expand the findings, Alexander Lerchl suddenly appeared on the scene stating that the REFLEX results, which pointed to a gene-damaging effect of mobile communication radiation, must have been faked. He obviously managed to prevent the funding for further research, but until today he has failed with his demand for a withdrawal of the REFLEX papers from the scientific literature. Lerchl and his backers’ sole interest is to finally destroy the REFLEX results. What they did to Elisabeth Kratochvil – only a means to an end – has been tacitly accepted as an inevitable collateral damage. For further details see: http://pandora-foundation.eu/2011/03/20/medical-university-of-vienna-dealt-with-results/

To give Elisabeth Kratochvil the chance she needs to take legal action, the Pandora Foundation offers her support to fight the injustice done to her. She, a former laboratory assistant, deserves our help in order to defy a superior and hostile cartel.

The Pandora Foundation asks all who are willing to support Elisabeth Kratochvil in her fight for the reconstitution of her reputation for help. Alone she cannot raise the means required for this lawsuit. She has offered that the Foundation may publish all details of the court case when it has been closed. The public in Germany and Austria should know how research is dealt with in their countries when the results are not in line with economic interests. Elisabeth Kratochvil already made a declaration in lieu of an oath to the District Court that the allegation of fraud which has been made against her is unjustified und unsupported by true facts.

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