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New Research Confirms an Increased Brain Tumour Risk from Mobile Phone Radiation

Professor Lennart Hardell’s research team at the Orebro University in Sweden has completed the research project as described in its application to the Pandora Foundation in 2011 (1), and the results have been published (2,3,4,5,6). Funds for this research were provided exclusively by private organisations. For many years now Hardell has not received public funding as he is one of the researchers whose results firmly contradict the position taken by politics and industry.


The smearing campaign against Swedish oncologist Dr. Hardell and the persons behind it

On October 12th 2012, the Italian Supreme Court ruled that use of mobile and cordless phones can cause brain tumor. In this landmark decision, the results from the Swedish research group led by oncologist and epidemiologist Dr Lennart Hardell at the Örebro University Hospital were important. Hardell’s group has consistently found that mobile and cordless phones increase the risk of brain tumors.