Appeal for Donations 2016

Playing down the risks of mobile communication radiation
by industry and politics is based on lies and deception.

Professor Alexander Lerchl was stopped by the Hamburg District Court in 2015 from accusing the lab technician Elisabeth Kratochvil of faking the results of the REFLEX Study on mobile communication radiation. For a while, it looked like his seven-year slandering campaign against the REFLEX Study, which demonstrated a genetically damaging potential of mobile communication radiation, had come to an end. But, Alexander Lerchl, who does not have scruples when advancing his own interests or those of his sponsors, sticks to his claim of fraud through his personal interpretation of the Court ruling. He feels that:

The decision only says that the name of a certain person must not be mentioned in connection with the accusation of fake which I raised against the REFLEX Study. The accusation of faked results is, of course, maintained.

Alexander Lerchl from the private Jacobs University in Bremen was from 2009 to 2012 a member of the German Commission on Radiological Protection. This Commission is responsible for protecting the population from electromagnetic fields. For years, Alexander Lerchl who went from the beginning of his career to where the money is has been showered with research funds by industry and government which he uses whenever possible to demonstrate the harmlessness of mobile communication radiation. Everything that contradicts his opinion he calls ‘rubbish’ or in case of the REFLEX Study even fraud.

Everyone can go and see the close cooperation between the mobile communication industry and Alexander Lerchl:

In the interest of public health and welfare, it is now time to take additional action against Alexander Lerchl to expose him as the slanderer he really is. As science is not able to hold him liable for his lies and unwarranted attack on scientific results with which he does not agree, we have to again call for judicial help. The raging continuation of his attacks on the REFLEX Study meets all requirements for intervention by the Courts.

Up to now, the Pandora Foundation has had to spend many thousands of Euros for numerous judicial and out-of-court settlements in order to defend independent science. These are funds which are now lacking to support independent research as opposed to pseudo research funded by government and industry. Nevertheless, we consider it necessary to bring Alexander Lerchl once again to trial, so that industry and politics may finally recognize that a man of his character causes more harm than good for their interests. We ask for your assistance.

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