Nina Lakhani: The jury is still out on health risks of mobile communication radiation

The journalist Lakhani summarized the consequences in an article in The Independent, a British daily of international reputation.

To this day most governments in Europe and beyond do not attach the importance to radiation protection of the people it deserves according to the state of scientific research. They obviously ignore that over the years the number of scientists who consider radiofrequency radiation a potential human health risk has steadily increased. In the meantime, critics of the radiofrequency technology and its advocates who are convinced of harmlessness of the radiation balance each other out. On Tuesday April 24, 2012, the journalist Nina Lakhani summarized the reasons for this development and the consequences in The Independent, a British daily with international prestige: A close call. Is a rise in brain tumours linked to the radiation sources we hold close to our heads? Experts can’t agree on the answers.


Nina Lakhani’s article – its objectivity honours the name of the newspaper – differs widely from the playingdown rhetoric related to the potential health risk due to mobile communication radiation especially in German media under the influence of the mobile communication industry and the government. In German newspapers – notably in those that rate themselves especially elitist – compliant journalists instead taking the trouble to carry out their own investigation repeat – occasionally even verbally – what they have been told by the scientific ‘experts’ of the mobile communication industry. Thus, people are pretended a safety of the mobile communication technology which is not at all in line with the state of scientific research. In the article Lakhani wrote on the occasion of a conference in London on cancer in children, she explains why the jury is still out on the health risks of mobile communication radiation. About the reasons she refers to research results from independent scientists and especially to the many hidden warnings from the mobile communication industry itself. In particular she emphasizes the fact that in the meantime 50% of all scientists in this area of research regard mobile communication radiation a potential human health risk.