Report from the Science and Wireless 2015

Professor Dariusz Leszczynski, with the support from the Pandora Foundation and the Kompetenzinitiative, took part in the BioEM2015 in Asilomar, California, USA, and in the Science and Wireless 2015 in Melbourne, Australia. In his report from the BioEM2015 he criticizes mainly the lack of research with humans, which is imperative to find evidence of health risks from radiofrequency radiation, and the inability of science to find common ground when discussing controversial issues.

The message from Australia goes far beyond this criticism. There they try to exclude critical science from the discussion. This is the message:

  • Nearly all scientific organisations dealing with radiation protection of the people, be it the set-up of safety standards or as government advisers worldwide, are under the control of the industry relying on scientists, who enjoy its special favor.
  • The priority goal of these scientists acting on behalf of the industry is obviously the correction of the decision by IARC, the agency for cancer research of the WHO, which in 2011 classified radiofrequency radiation as being “possibly cancerogenic”.
  • To pretend the validity of the current safety standards which are solely based on thermal effects they attempt to demonstrate with a fancifully, but unsubstantial hypothesis that the truly non-thermal effects of radiofrequency radiation on the EEG may in fact be a thermal one, because non-thermal effects do according to the safety standards not exist at all.
  • Ignoring the results of independent research, which clearly point to health risks from radiofrequency radiation, they insolently demand to stop research on radiofrequency radiation, because according to their view all research efforts until now did not get us any further despite the high costs.

Who in this situation still believes his health lies in good hands with the national radiation protection is probably beyond help. But read yourself.

Report from the Science & Wireless 2015
prepared for the Pandora Foundation and for the Kompetenzinitiative
by Dariusz Leszczynski, PhD, DSc (biochemistry) & Kirsti Leszczynski, PhD (physics)

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