Painful lesson for Prof. Lerchl: The Unexpected Always Happens

A painful lesson for the notorious slanderer Alexander Lerchl, and even more for industry and politics who used his ‘expertise’ for many years.

JBS Haldane, a great person and scientist, summarized his experiences in life in one sentence: “The unexpected always happens”. How right he was in this statement has just been proven by Professor Alexander Lerchl from the private Jacobs University in Bremen. Lerchl, as a member of the German Commission on Radiological Protection looked after the interests of government and industry for many years while making a mockery of radiation protection and insulting scientists like Lennart Hardell and myself as forgers because our research results were not in line with his, all the sudden has published a paper that refutes all he has claimed so far.

The Unexpected Always Happens
Statement by Prof. Dr. Franz Adlkofer, Pandora Foundation

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