Alexander Lerchl runs amok. Hamburg District Court confirms REFLEX results.

In an open letter to Niels Kuster, a REFLEX participant, Alexander Lerchl repeats his allegation that the REFLEX results have been faked. There is a special reason for this latest attack.

Alexander Lerchl wrote an open letter to Niels Kuster, co-author of the EU-funded REFLEX study, in which he repeats his allegation that the REFLEX results are based on forgery [1]. Of course, there are special reasons for his new attack. Recently, a German district court in Hamburg decided in a suit filed by Franz Adlkofer against the German daily Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) that the results of the REFLEX study must be regarded as being confirmed by a series of other studies (Az.: 324 O 255/12). That the SZ got involved at all has to be attributed solely to Lerchl, who supplied the newspaper with unfounded information. And it was the SZ’s mistake to join Lerchl’s German-wide media campaign against the REFLEX study in 2011 without having checked the truth of his statements. Now, Lerchl’s new attack that prompted Niels Kuster to confirm the successful reproduction of the REFLEX data once again comes close to running amok. Whether his frantic handling of the matter can convince the SZ to strive for a revision of the court decision, remains to be seen.

Alexander Lerchl runs amok
Franz Adlkofer | Pandora Foundation