A public that assumes that laws and regulations in the area of environmental and health policies are in line with the current state of scientific knowledge is wrong. History teaches that, whenever economic interests are stake, it can take decades until scientific findings are acknowledged by politics and industry. Quite often the support of pseudo-research and the impediment of independent research both try to keep up the profitable status quo. Funds are granted preferably to compliant scientists with the right opinion, while independent scientists are slandered. It is the practice of institutional corruption that keeps the profits bubbling.

The Pandora Foundation works towards securing that the protection of men and nature is granted priority over the economic interests of politics and industry. For this the primacy of political and industrial institutions over scientific research has to be challenged. To reach the goal our Foundation seeks donations from citizens in Europe, who are no longer willing to accept the misuse of political or financial power. The donations will be used to support independent scientists for whom a search for the truth is more important than striving for immediate success and credits. Cases of obvious power misuse, which prove that independent research is necessary, will be documented. One example is the current handling of mobile phone radiation by politics and industry.

Dear fellow citizens, with your donation – forwarded to research without deduction – you can contribute to better inform the public about the risks of mobile phone radiation. For economic reasons and contrary to the state of knowledge these risks are strongly played down by politics and industry. In order to finally force politics to act independent science must continuously point to the risk of the people with novel research results. Yet, we can only succeed when we find sponsors, who out of social responsibility are ready to donate where politics and industry in an irresponsible manner refuse to do so.