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Mastbruch Project

A pilot study in Mastbruch, a district of the German town of Paderborn

According to the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection the Government is convinced that the people are not exposed to any health risks through radiofrequency radiation emitted by base towers, because the currently valid exposure limits are not only observed but also by far not met. Still, part of the people is increasingly worried that their health could be damaged by base tower radiation.

Altogether, the scientific findings available on the question of a possible health risk through base tower radiation are rather poor. Based on the current state of research an all-clear signal is just as inappropriate as the claim that adverse effects of the radiation have already been proven. In addition, we have the largely unsolved problem of electrosensibility from which up to 5% of the people suffer. This group is not considered at all.

In 2010 we had the last-minute opportunity to examine numerous residents in the vicinity of a base station in Mastbruch, and this before and after the station was switched on. In close cooperation with a citizens' initiative we started a pilot study with our own funds. This study was to create the prerequisites for an extensive follow-up research project, the results of which could offer a more reliable risk assessment of the health risks in the vicinity of base stations ... project description


In March 2010 Prof. Franz Adlkofer (Pandora Foundation), Dr. H.-Peter Neitzke (Ecolog Institute, Hannover), and Prof. Wilhelm Mosgoeller (Institute for Cancer Research at the Medical University of Vienna) informed the about 70 gathered residents on the spot about the start of the study (first examinations before switching on the base station).

In March 2011 - after the base station had been switched on - a second examination was carried out, and in June 2011 Prof. Franz Adlkofer, Dr. H.-Peter Neitzke and Dr. Voigt (both Ecolog-Institut) as well as Prof. Wilhelm Mosgoeller informed the about 45 gathered residents on the spot about the outcome of the study.

Project description and reports in PDF [143 KB]