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News 2016 and 2015

September 2016

News from the NTP Study In May 2016, after a considerable delay, first results were published of a study by the U.S. National Toxicology Program (NTP) on the effects of long-term exposure of rats to mobile phone radiation. They confirmed what the mobile phone industry and its mercenaries in science have disputed as preposterous to reason until today: that a carcinogenic potential is inherent to mobile phone radiation. The authors of the NTP study openly admit that they themselves were surprised by this outcome of their research on mobile phone radiation.

March 2016

Electrosensitivity: The Häublein case On February 13, 2013, the body of Carsten Häublein a former pastor from Ammertal, was recovered from the river Schlei in Schleswig-Holstein (Germany). Since 2006, pastor Häublein was strongly committed to have electrosensitivity regarded as an environmental illness. Prof. Franz Adlkofer published to the third anniversary of the death of Father Häublein this report.

February 2016

Report from the Science and Wireless 2015 Professor Dariusz Leszczynski criticized in his report from the BioEM2015 mainly the lack of research with humans, which is imperative to find evidence of health risks from radiofrequency radiation, and the inability of science to find common ground when discussing controversial issues. The message from Australia goes far beyond this criticism. There they try to exclude critical science from the discussion.

December 2015

Report from the BioEM2015 In his report on the BioEM2015, Leszczynski offers an insight into the current status of research. He demonstrates that a reliable judgement is still not possible on the potential risks of radiofrequency radiation on human health; he names the research approach that could achieve decisive progress, and criticizes the numerous wrong tracks that pretend to increase our knowledge of this subject.


Alexander Lerchl has met his Waterloo The long lasting attacks of Alexander Lerchl from the private Jacob University in Bremen on the results of the EU-funded REFLEX Study, have been brought to a sudden and dramatic end by the Hamburg district court ...


Painful lesson for Prof. Lerchl A painful lesson for the notorious slanderer Alexander Lerchl, and even more for industry and politics who used his expertise" for many years JBS Haldane, a great person and scientist, summarized ...


Elisabeth Kratochvil sues Alexander Lerchl Elisabeth Kratochvil sues Alexander Lerchl and the Laborjournal for defamation. The repeated allegation that she faked REFLEX results definitely oversteps the mark ...


Lectures from the Competence Initiative meeting Three lectures at the meeting in April 2014 provide evidence that the current protection of people from electromagnetic radiation is absolutely inadequate ...


Report from the BioEM 2014 Report from the BioEM 2014 Dariusz Leszczynski was invited by the Pandora Foundation to take part and to report on this conference ...